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Turner Suzuki Studio 

Violin and Viola


Improve your skills from the safety of your own home.

My Philosophy

I believe it is within everybody's ability to play Violin or Viola. One does not need to possess "talent," but simply the desire to improve and the willingness to work.

What Suzuki Violin teaches us...

 Music is fun!

  • problem solving, creative thinking and self-discipline
  • it is OK to make mistakes - it's part of learning
  • we all learn differently
  • we can do things that seem difficult by putting it into smaller pieces
  • to be part of something bigger than ourselves by playing music with our friends
  • to overcome our fears and perform for others - those watching us are hoping for our success!
  • to set goals and enjoy the road it takes to get there.
  • hard work and determination can lead to great things!
Give your child the Gift of Music!


Kristina Turner grew up in the "City of Subdued Excitement" - Bellingham, Washington. As a youth, she enjoyed performing in multiple school ensembles including chamber ensembles and Strolling Strings. She attended Eastern Washington University and studied Violin with Kelly Farris while performing in the EWU Symphony Orchestra and Gonzaga University Symphony. Kristina transferred back home to finish her Bachelor of Arts in Music at Western Washington University, studying Violin with Walter Schwede and continuing to perform in Symphony, Chamber, and New Music Ensembles. Kristina was a member of the Whatcom (now Bellingham) Symphony Orchestra from 2007 until 2019.

Kristina taught in Bellingham from 2003 until 2019 when she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a registered and active teacher with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

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